Thursday, March 6, 2014

Anybody Play WarThunder?

Zoomie Boyington

I am a closeted fighter pilot.  Have been since I was a kid.  I loves me some WW2 airplanes, and I get aroused at the sound of a Rolls Royce Merlin (Packard) engine.

Yes.  I have issues.  Multiple issues.

You knew this.

At the risk of sounding like a computer geek asshole, I admit to playing WarThunder.

WarThunder is a free multi-player online flight-sim game I play from time to time when I grow weary of the mind-numbing treason I see all around me every day.

WarThunder is from a company called Gaijin.

Gaijin is a Russian company...and therefore that is the reason why I use a PC dedicated solely to gaming so that they and Vlad Putin can't spy on me and the important other shit I do online.

(Being Russian also means Gaijin has seriously fucked with and amped up the flight models of the Russian planes and has made them almost indestructible...which I think is terribly amusing.) 

Anyhoo...I find it loads of fun to swoop down on unsuspecting noobs and shred them to pieces with .50 cals and cannon fire.

What's not to like?

Actually, I also admit I am not a very good WarThunder player, and I get shredded and flamed more often than not by mouthy punk kids from all around the world.

One needs an updated rig and high-speed intardnets to play this game, though.  My shitty DSL can barely keep up, and you'll need a decent video card and a good processor to take advantage of the stunning graphics.

If I wasn't such a cheap bastard, I'd get a Comcast or Verizon intardnets connection or whatever the fuck is out there that is faster and make my wife and kids and me happy and no longer have lag problems and stuff.

But apparently, my family's happiness is not of paramount importance to me.

I know.

I suck as a father, husband, and provider. conclusion...if you play and you wanna team up and blast commies outta the sky, look for WalterZoomie or leave a note in comments and we'll wreck some fools.

Or not. 

Tally-ho motherfuckers!


  1. I have played WarThunder many times, I like it but it can be very frustrating at times. I love World of Tanks, more fun, easier on the graphics card and internet connection...

  2. Cool. I've been thinking about downloading WoT. I've watched many of the Jingles videos. Looks like fun.

  3. Warthunder planes and tanks both are ok but the social component is a little weak, WOT is by far better in that area, both are a blast. Jingles is awesome but I have a guy in my clan that sounds just like him, we actually say he does Jingles better that jingles lol. But yeah try out WOT you will like it.

  4. ...So "Pappy", have you shot down Marachi yet?
    I never missed an episode of Black Sheep Squadron when I was a kid. That show started an infatuation with flying that I've never been able to get over; or, unfortunately, been able to capitalize on.

    Would love to come join you, but as I have found out on BF2, BadCo2, BF3 and BF4 - I can NOT fly to save my ass. I'm rarely up for any length of time before some hot-shit 12 year old smokes my ass. Helicopters? Forgetaboutit! I rarely get out of my own base before rolling tits up into the weeds.
    I am a lot more competent at Mobile AA. I rarely lose mano-a-mano against a non-hacking/ramming pilot. I have been openly cursed about on chat, and have forced many a team to give up air operations in a round.
    I do manage to rumble pretty good in armor, but I'm a better ground-pounder than anything. Our clan's unofficial moto is PTFO - Play The F'ing Objective.
    Being stuck with dial-up at home hinders game time as well. So have some pity from us poor bastards that have no Broad Band options at all. It's tough being a 44 year old teen-ager.

    I have seen your art work over to Ken's blog and around. Having "pilfered" much of it, I am appreciative of your efforts. The repainted Corsair really caught my eye over to AngryMike's place. Especially when it wasn't the upward pointing arrow on the tail.

    "Live free or die. Death is not the greatest of evils." USCA General John Stark

    Whitehall, NY
    [LFoD] Rayburn6H

  5. Remember a DOS game called Battle of Britain Their finest hour? I played the crap outta that game back in the 80s.

    No War Thunder for me, though. Doesn't have a Linux client, so no go.

  6. Your a racisssst geek now huh....... LMAO....;)


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