Thursday, May 29, 2014

For Your Consideration...

Something I threw together for my pal Sammy...

Full disclosure seeing as I know some of you get your under-thingies uncomfortably repositioned:

Yesterday I was ripping some cuts from a couple of mid-1980's R.E.M. CDs (I know...I suck), and noticed this little spy looking cat on the CD label.

I thought, "That's kinda cool.  I should be able to do something nefarious with that."

So...I plopped the CD down on my scanner and stole the spy dude and manipulated him for my own use.

Now you know my methods and can do it yourself.


I'm sure Michael Stipe and IRS Records won't mind... 


  1. Hey Zoomie,
    How were the races?

  2. Didn't get out there at all. Workin' too much. Couldn't deal with the meth heads and assholes. All I want is peace and quiet. I'm old and angry, you know...

  3. That's me on the rooftop...
    That's me in the dark night,
    offing politicians...!



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