Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Buckeye Ya-Ya

It's on the Indiana side, but he has Ohio plates!


  1. Points for the recovery...think they fell asleep or did they hit ice at the overhead sign?


    1. I'd say drunk or distracted by phone/texting.

      He was moving from lane to lane after he went by me, got into the sweeping right-hander in the hammer lane, drifted into the slush/snow on the left shoulder, and that was all she wrote.

      Missed the end cap of the guard rail by the overhead sign post by no more than a foot.

      Headed towards oncoming traffic. (You can see oncoming traffic slow down)

      From the rooster tail of snow, I'd say the driver hammered it as opposed to stomping on the binders. Good move 'cuz slamming on the brakes would have caused an uncontrollable spin on the snowy grass median...sending him right into oncoming traffic.

      Like you said, it was a nice save...but it never should have happened.

      I'm glad he was far enough ahead that he didn't collect me in his stupidity.

      That driver needs to buy many lottery tickets. And soon

  2. Is this any kind of dig at my earlier post when I said I used to live in Cincinnati?
    That hurts, Zommie.

    1. No...My hate for all things buckeye is well known and has been established for many years.

      My buckeye hate stems from two things:

      -having to negotiate Ohio highways/drivers for upwards of five years in the cities of Dayton, Springfield, Columbus, and Cincy.

      -fascist handgun carry laws which do not reciprocate with my own state laws. (I understand this may be changing soon. We'll see)

      I've actually found Ohioans to be very nice people when I meet them face-to-face. But when they get into a car the buckeye becomes a hateful, road-raging, inconsiderate, impatient, self-centered lunatic.

      The buckeye is not polite and cosmopolitan like we Hoosier bastards!

    2. I actually lived in Evansville for many years longer, but that is more or less just Kentucky...

  3. As I went by this location a day later, I saw evidence suggesting our buckeye hero DID sideswipe the guardrail end-cap. Dark paint on it and some slight damage...

    I suspect our inattentive buckeye's SUV suffered major whiskey-rash all down the driver's side.

  4. I bet there was a LARGE brown skidmark in the drivers seat.

    1. Maybe, but there is an equal chance our boy honey-badgered the entire incident 'cuz buckeyes just don't give a fuck!

  5. You know talking about us buckeyes that way is RACISSSST !!!!!!!!


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