Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy July 4th. A Day Of Mourning For What Once Was...

Fuck it.  I'm going to work today.

Nothing to celebrate any more, but I do have a new toy my sons got me for Fathers Day.  Hope I don't lose it in a farming accident.

Them boys I raised are good lads.



In other news, I damned near jack-knifed last night pulling an empty trailer on a wet, uphill, sweeping right-hander interstate entrance ramp.

A serious OH FUCK moment, and as close as I've ever come (even on ice) to losing control in a below average unprofessional manner. 

I wasn't going all that fast...maybe 35 mph...but I think I goosed the throttle a little too hard on the curve and she started coming around on me, so I got off the gas, shit my pants, and collected her up.

I paid attention to things after that 'cuz that's what professional dribers do. 


Spent a glorious 10 days in beautiful Florida recently.

Made me realize what a dump my home town has become.


Stupidity, violence, destruction, and death do not constitute "culture."

I've been trying to tell my only daughter this for years about certain segments of our society.

She was life-guarding a private birthday party last Sunday evening at a local city-owned swimming pool and was treated to a drive-by shooting.  

Seems an African-American gentleman was none too pleased with either being barred from said party, or had a beef with one of the attendees, so he hosed the general area down with gunfire and then crashed into 4 parked cars making his getaway.

No mention of the incident in local news. No body count. No injuries.  Nothing to see here.  Happens all the time.

I suggested my daughter terminate her relationship with the parks department in its entirety immediately, but apparently I am a racist hate-monger, so we agreed she would no longer lifeguard private after hours events.



The essence of being a liberal progressive is to ignore what we know is true and pretend what we wish to be is fact.

They are suicidal.


  1. 1)I'm totally ignorant, but what, exactly, is jackknifing a semi? I'm guessing the trailer is trying to get ahead of the cab and shoves it (the cab) over to one side and just keeping going?
    2)I am going to assume that your daughter is OK. I hope you are OK too (I have 3 of the girl-type children and the oldest is starting to move to "that age" so I am starting to understand that what happens to my kids usually affects me more than them)
    3)You know, some other bloggers have also moved to Tennessee...

  2. 1-Exactly. See photo. Trailer loses grip and tries to pass the tractor, or, trailer is turning but the tractor loses grip and isn't turning. Either one is bad mojo.

    2-She's fine, but 12 years of public schooling and two years of liberal arts university have done the job. I love her dearly, but, needless to say, we don't talk politics or social issues. I tolerate her views and don't put her down and allow her her freedom whilst under my roof...but it is my hope she will see the light once she's out and paying her own way.

    3-I'm a gawd damned Hoosier bastard. This is my home and I ain't leavin.'

  3. Hey, if you hit Florida again, give me a shout. I'll buy you a beer or dinner if we are in the same hood


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