Saturday, November 19, 2016

Your AR15 Carbine Optics Recommendations?

Not that I would ever own something ridiculous and non-nonsensical like this, but a friend does. 

He says other than the Magpul handguard, Hogue pistol grip, Harris bipod, and GI web sling, it's a bone stock S&W MP15 Sport 2.

He's looking towards maybe getting some kind of optic because he's getting old and can't see for shit anymore.

What optic would you hard-chargin' peeps recommend?

Keep in mind that he is a cheap, poor, dumb, broke bastard and is not looking to spend a fortune but is willing to spend some birthday card money and get something that works and will last.

He says he's (obviously) not trying to shoot out to extreme ranges with his rig, but that iron sights aren't working for him like they did back in olden times.

He says he wants to keep the MBUS iron sights and A2 front sight post, and refuses to relinquish the GI web sling because he is old and set in his ways on those things.

He wants something that works with what he currently has, and doesn't want to make huge changes to the platform.


He went with the Vortex Strikefire 2.

He likes guns.

And kitties...  


  1. Take a look at the Nikon P-223. A 3x32 can be had for around $150, mount for about $25. Variable zooms in the same model for around $200. I use the 3-9x40 and like it.

    1. Recently put a Nikon P223 3X32 on my DPMS carbine and it zero'd quickly, and I can shoot easily with both eyes on the target. Very Light and compact.

    2. Thanks for your input. Greatly appreciated!

  2. Find a used Burris MTAC 1-4x on ebay or some gun boards. Mounted with a Burris PEPR scope mount.

    It is a pretty rugged scope.

  3. I have some ancient scope my grandfather put on a 25lbs .22 target rifle. I think you can mount it with duct tape or Elmer's white glue. But if you used the glue, that would make it ray-cist.

  4. Check out, they run the gamut from the cheap and inexpensive to the mid-high end range for optics. You friend can get a cheap (less than $100) optic to see if he would prefer a holographic type sight to a traditional scope, and then upgrade to a better model later on.

    1. Thanks.

      After much research, I think my friend has decided that since his weapon is a carbine, he will equip it as a CQB piece and go with a budget red dot...a Vortex Optics StrikeFire 2.

      He says he could get a Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier to add to the red dot later, or maybe get a Nikon P223 instead if he wants to reach out further and do some touching.

      He says he already owns a scoped Rem700 for long range work anyways, but might consider a longer barrelled, free-floated upper later.

      Who knows what he'll do? He's kind of a freak! ;)

  5. Like any hobby, you always need more stuff and he's already considering "longer barrelled, free-floated upper" Next will be different calibers.

  6. I have Harris bipod on my rifle too, the best one.


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