Friday, December 2, 2016

Making New Bushmaster GI AR 15 Magazines Not Suck So much

I recently purchased ten new Bushmaster 30-round GI-style metal AR-15 magazines.

I found one of them to feel sorta "crunchy" and to have a feeding problem in that the follower would hang up about halfway through the magazine.

I popped the mag apart and found that a sloppy/oversized spot weld inside the magazine was catching on the follower and stopping its upward progress.

Out-fucking-standing!  This meant...being finicky and anal about this kinda thing...I would have to completely disassemble all ten mags and inspect them.

I found five out of ten of the mags to have this spot weld problem. 

These are the spot welds and their locations inside the mag.  The welds pictured are not the problem welds.  The problem welds were much larger and more pronounced.

So, I took a long narrow file and knocked down all the spot weld burrs I could find...and reach.

Then, I took a look at all the plastic followers.  I found some minor mold flashing on all of them, and smoothed them down with a hand file.

My last step was to lightly oil the mag springs and the inside walls of the mags themselves.

I slapped all ten mags back together, and worked all of them up and down vigorously until I was tired and satisfied and needed a smoke.

The mags seem smoother now and not crunchy at all.

It's a damn shame Bushmaster couldn't be assed to do this kinda thing before they put these mags on the market. 

Unless I find a metric shit ton of them for almost free, I won't be buying any more Bushmaster mags. 

I guess I'll stick to Magpul.  I haven't had any issues with their shit.



  1. I go to and get NHMTG 30 round mags with magpul anti-tilt followers for 15.00 ea. Very nice mags. I thought I read that Remington bought out Bushmaster. I would hope that if they did, they would keep the quality of Bushmaster.

    1. I'll look into the site. Thanks. I guess I thought GI mags would be fine (and cheap) seeing as I never had an issue with them during my time dabbling in all things Marine Corps-ish back in the day.

      Granted, I served as a slimy reservist during the Cold War and did nothing other than range firing, but again, I never had any mag issues in those 8 years.

  2. But Zoomie,
    You told us year ago you traded your scary guns in for apples and a red sunggie blanket! What do you need mags for?


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