Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hot Russian Twins Come Home With Me!

That’s right. I did it. Today I picked up two hot Russians…and they’re twins!

It was a mind-blowing experience.

First, I looked them over real close.

My eyes caressed every square inch of their curvy and well-oiled bodies.

Then, I ran my trembling hands up and down and all over them, and I felt their smooth lines.

Both of them responded eagerly and hungrily to my violation of their personal space.

They were perfect for my sick, twisted purposes.

I also took a peek inside them, and I was satisfied with what I saw.

Both moved smoothly and gracefully. I could tell by their actions that they were going to be a handful.

I didn’t care. I would die with a smile on my face.

I paid the agreed upon price and loaded the twins into my car for the short ride home, confident that many stimulating days and nights awaited me.

Yes! Twins! Russian twins. What could be hotter?


That’s what!

No…not this kind of Russian twins. Perverts.

Get your freaking minds out of the gutter.

This kind of Russian twins!

Because I sorta kick ass at work, I received another bonus check.

As I have so eloquently stated in the past, bonus money ain’t got no home, so bonus money goes to gun stores.

Pretty much.

Today I purchased two Mosin-Nagants for my sons from
Indy Trading Post (ITP).

I have nothing but great things to say about ITP…fantastic sales people and reasonable prices.

I got what I think was a tremendous deal on my Mosins and a spam can of ammo (with opener). I will most definitely shop there again. Thanks again Brian Ludlow and crew!

You rock!

The first Mosin went to my youngest son Willie. It is a numbers matching hex receiver dated 1928.

The second Mosin went to my older son Ricky. It is a numbers matching round receiver dated 1941.

Both rifles come complete with accessory kits and spike bayonet.

Very cool.

Every teen boy should have a rifle with a bayonet.

That's what I think.

You should have seen how I played the gifting of the rifles.

First, I called Willie into the kitchen and acted like I normally do…all pissed off about something he did or did not do. I told him to sit his ass at the kitchen table.

Then, I reached out to the back porch and put his boxed Mosin on the table and told him great job on the last report card and happy early birthday!

He had a feces-eating, ear-to-ear grin on his mug, as he pulled the rifle out of the box and got Cosmoline all over himself.


Ricky was watching all this and getting jealous and disgusted, because he loves shooting also.

I said, “Ricky…you know the good thing about Mosins? They reproduce all on their own.”

I reached out to the back porch, grabbed the other boxed Mosin, and put it on the table.

“Great report card and happy early birthday,” I said.

He about pissed himself with excitement.

Then, I went out to my car and came back in the house and said, “Oh yeah. Mosins ain’t no good without plenty of food, so…here!”

Bang! Down goes a spam can of ammo.

My younger boy said, "Hey Dad. We're ready for the upcoming apocalypse now."

Kids say the darndest things.

Yes we are.

I have my own in-house fire team.

Now we gotta bone up on Mosins and get ‘em all cleaned up.

Range time!

Fire balls!

Vintage Soviet battle rifles in the hands of teen boys!

I am a bad dad.


The restification of the 1941 round receiver Izhevsk Arsenal numbers matching Mosin is complete. 

It's not perfect, but what 70-year-old rifle is? 

It turned out OK in my opinion. I think it looks rather Mauser-ish. I don't like the original Commie, reddish/orange stain, so I went with a dark walnut color.

My oldest son Ricky seems to REALLY like the rifle. He works the bolt with a gleam in his eyes and a grin on his face, and he can't wait for some range time.

I'm now working on the other rifle...a 1928 hex-receiver Tula Arsenal, also numbers matching. From the looks of it, it will turn out better than the first rifle.

I'm thinking I need to get one for myself soon.


I finished the restification of my younger son's #'s matching 1928 hex Tula a week or so ago, but today we finally got some great afternoon light so I could take a picture!

The front hand guard had some repair work I didn't discover until I had degreased and stripped it. It is a smooth quality repair, and seems sound. 

I found a few specks of rust on the outside of the barrel underneath the hand guards, but it cleaned up with oil and steel wool.

I think it looks sexy. My son seems pleased. They can't wait to go shooting.


  1. guns are nasty

    i hope child protective services pays you a visit real soon

    you're a loser and a disgrace

  2. I hope CPS pays me a visit as well. They will be met at the door by withering, accurate fire!

  3. Good man ! Hope that that the boys liked them.

  4. Very cool post...You had me going there. I wonder if your sons had had the choice if they would have chosen the first two sets of twins?

  5. I'm a proud Nagant owner as well! You can find one in a Ukrainian farmer's field that's been buried for 50 years, and it'll still fire.

    Right now I've got a Type 53 ChiCom carbine, and a 1931 Tula M91/30.

    They're nasty, brutish, simple commie peasant weapons. And I love 'em.

  6. DAMN!! I've been trying not to buy one of these, but I've got two sons too, and I may kick myself one day when Mosins cost $300.00.

    1. Mr. Jameson:

      Yes...If you have any inkling of getting a Mosin, I'd get it soon at the current affordable prices so you and your sons can be cheaply but effectively armed for the upcoming apocalypse.

      Then, you can be cool like me and have your own in-house fire team!

      I've been told Mosins multiply all on their own, and I believe there is some truth to this.

      There are three of them in my home now...the two mentioned in this story, and another for me.

      I got mine a few weeks ago, but I put an ATI synthetic Monte Carlo stock on it. I will be testing firing it in a few weeks.

      Look for a story about my experiences with my new Mosin here.

      It is sure to be a hoot.


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