Monday, November 5, 2012

3 Arms Company Promotional Art

(shamelessly stolen)

These two pieces of art are from a new video game called "Assassin's Creed III."  I'm no video-gamer, but this looks cool as fuck!  A ninja motherfucker getting medieval on British troops during the American Revolution!  What's not to like?

Song lyric courtesy Hogjaw.

My attempt at an animated GIF.  A miserable failure...

I have been asked by several questionable and shady characters to create some crappy and cartoonish and edgy images to promote the III Arms Company.

(Those of you who aren't hip to III Arms Company, click here and get with the cool kids and come on in for the big win.)

I have been given permission by the talented creator of the official company logos to use his intellectual property in any way I see fit.

In fact, he said, "Let your freak flag fly!  Freak!"

So, therefore, I get to design some art using curse words and threatening talk, all while I promote an unsavory back-alley (and probably highly illegal) firearms manufacturing facility.

There has even been some talk of putting versions of my potty mouth designs on T-shirts.

I can't say whether that will happen anytime soon or not, but for now you can get clean and family-oriented III Arms Company gear here. are a few horrible ideas I quickly and carelessly threw together in a decidedly haphazard fashion.

As usual, if you want...feel free to spread my crap around the intardnets kinda like a dose of some dreaded disease.

They kinda suck, but at least the official III Arms Company logo looks good.

More later.


Hells bells!  I shoulda put FemaJugend on the damn helmet.  I'm such a fuck-up.

OK.  I'm about done for tonight.  My eyes are bleeding.

I think I'll kick back and watch a senselessly violent movie on Netflix.

Later, dudes and dudettes.

Song lyric from "Powderfinger."  With apologies to Neil Young.


  1. nice, but not "n ur face" enough. :)

    1. I know.

      I must not be feeling sufficiently bitter and angry.

      Give me a day or so.

      I have to work tonight, so by the end of my shift I should be completely pissed off and disgruntled to the point that the ideas will be flowing freely.

    2. And everything is the world is now right. :)

      I like the new shit.

  2. lol, never heard anyone accuse zoomie of that.

  3. Thanks for the shameless merchandise plug, Zoomie! I especially like the "traitor repellent" img, which must mean it's not nearly edgy enough! ;-)


    1. YW. Hope you sell a metric ass-ton of stuff.

      "Ass-ton" is like "a whole fucking shit-load."

      It's a lot...

  4. Sorry, Miss V. When I deleted your "deleted" double-post, I deleted everything unintentionally. I'm such a dumb-ass.

    But thanks for your kind words anyways.

    Yer a peach.

    1. ...and here I just thought I pissed you off, wth? ;)

  5. I love the "this shit ain't happening again" pic. That one especially needs to go on a shirt.

  6. As usual, you do some outstanding work.

  7. Great work, I stole a couple as usual ......Thanks and posted......;)

  8. Good work, Zoomie.

    I'm with Craig...

    This Shit Ain't Fucking Happening Again.

    Did I mention that you do good work?

  9. The "Branding Iron" logo on the 2nd Assassins Creed image is sweet!

    As always... Great Work :)

  10. Thanks.

    I do this shit by feel and emotion...I often don't know why I do certain things when I put this crap together, but I try to make things crisp, readable, and dramatic...but with sometimes multiple ways for them to be interpreted.

    I never thought of the design element you mention being like a branding iron, but you are right.

  11. Shamelessly restolen from you.....hehe .....there cool!!!!

  12. Are you banned from driving the semi, my bud is till Thursday ........

  13. Why would I be banned?

    It snowed like a motherfucker today in Ohio, with 30-40mph crosswinds and black ice in some small spots.

    I laughed at that shit, drove on down the road, and turned up the vintage Aerosmith to ear-splitting levels because I'm a bad ass.

    Sandy is my bitch.


  14. Zoomie, you have been a huge help promoting III Arms. The fellas over on Facebook can't get enough of your graphics.

    So a big THANK YOU is in order.

    Now carry on!

    1. YW.

      Wish I could do buy an AR...but I'm so broke all I can do is give of my time.

      With the pending job change, I'll be even more broker 'cuz I'll have to fork out mega-bucks for 30 days of COBRA coverage for my clan.

      I blame it all on the failed policies of the criminal O'Vomit regime.

  15. Greetings from the Commie State of New York. Zoomie, must you always be so reserved and hold punches back? Can't you just express what you really feel? Look, there is no reason to be so subtle and hold back punches. We are fucked here in this state as you know....sorry about my French. There seems to be no way out. Well, there is, but it's going to be bloody.


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