Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Get It?

After reading some of the blogs this morning, I am in one of my moods.

Inspired by Western Rifle Shooters Association...


  1. Yep. Shit gonna get real soon.

    Did you know that Stalin got his start as a Commisar.

  2. It seems as if collapse is the only way the Forces of Leviathan will get their asses kicked. Better to perish in Freiheitkampf than live to see defeat. Fuck them all, and I look forward to pissing on their steaming brains. Kapitulieren? Nein!
    _Onkel Totenkopf

  3. @Anon 1025
    Using SS references in your posts will not go far in winning over as yet unaware sheeple, who will need to support any effort at restoring a free republic. Not a great idea "onkel". If indeed that restoring the Republic is your ultimate goal, as it is most of the readers of WRSA.

    For these of you who are unaware, the SS skull and crossbones on their uniform insignia are called totenkopf or "death's head" or maybe the SS just had a regiment by that name, I don't recall exactly...

    -- former patriot blogger now gone to ground

    1. Were it not for the heroism of the Death's Head division (among others), more of Europe would have spent half of the last century under Soviet rule. You know, the Soviets, the ones who perpetrated the massacre linked to @ WRSA. When the SS divisions retreated westward towards the end of the war, tens of thousands of Soviet peasants fled with them rather than live under Soviet rule again.

      Yes, it was a total war, and very bad things happened. It is telling, however, that the soviet peasants followed the SS units rather than be "liberated" by the Red Army.

      "For these of you who are unaware, the SS skull and crossbones on their uniform insignia are called totenkopf or "death's head" or maybe the SS just had a regiment by that name, I don't recall exactly."

      Studying these things is a good first step.

      Yes, BTW, I know. I called the SS "heroic", so I must be a Nazi or something. Fact is, Stalin's Red Army was several orders of magnitude worse than the SS was ever accused of being.


    2. Harald Nugiseks

      "Several Western scholars refer to the campaign as the Battle of the European SS for the 24 volunteer infantry battalions from Denmark, Estonia, East Prussia, Flanders, Flemings, Holland and Norway within the Waffen-SS. Roughly a half of the infantry consisted of the local Estonian conscripts motivated to resist the looming Soviet re-occupation. The German force of 22,250 men held off the Soviet advance of 136,830 troops. As the Soviet forces were constantly reinforced, the casualties of the battle were 150,000–200,000 wounded and dead Soviet troops and 157–164 Soviet tanks

    3. Anonymouse, and all who have not, could profitably read Karl Ulrich's masterful unit history of the 3rd SS Panzer Division "Totenkopf": LIKE A CLIFF IN THE OCEAN (Winnipeg, 2002). JJ Federowicz, the publisher, has many other excellent Axis unit histories and the like in its catalog, as do other online HardRight book dealers and publishers. Anonymouse, did it ever occur to you that the Victors' Version of the 20th Century World War might be a fair distance removed from the truth?

    4. @ everyone who responded to my first post above:

      1. Yeah, tell it to the families of the boys at Malmedy.

      2. Tell it to the families who lost relatives in SS run death camps.

      3. The Soviets and the Nazis...hmm.
      Well let's see. One totalitarian National Socialist police state vs another totalitarian Socialist police state.

      Survivors who fled to the west did well by and large, or at least one presumes so. They live today in the Statist pink west who continue to loot and exploit them by transferring their wealth to those who expect the unearned as a right...

      Defend the individuals who served their country and sacrificed their lives and property protecting their families. But invoking the SS in particular is counterproductive towards our common goal of restoring liberty in our country--find common ground with those you want to convince....or else all the good stuff you blog about my friends(I consider you my friends and many of you know me by blog and email), you'll end up lying in a lonely bed instead of being in a proactive and productive vanguard of the liberty movement. --patriot blogger gone to ground

  4. My 19 year-old #1 son was looking over my shoulder last night while I perused the comments here.

    As the above image popped up, and we then watched the clip from Katyn, I explained what the image I created meant to me.

    "Don't allow yourself be put into a helpless position like this. Ever. Once you are at the edge of the ditch with your hands tied, it's too fucking late. Recognize and be ready if/when they come for you."

    #1 son replied, "...and take as many of them with you as you can."

    It was a proud moment for me.

    I am a bad dad.

  5. Which one of you sonsabitches told me to fuck off in the reactions box?


  6. AP, that nazi apologetics shit is gonna bite you in the ass one day.

    Just sayin'.

    1. Hey anon 5:37pm, At least AP has the gonads to say what he means and can back them up, you post under the anonymous cowards way, so flame on with your bad self. If it does bite him in the ass someday, at least he can look at himself in the mirror and stand in front of his God and account for himself.


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