Friday, December 7, 2012

Remembering My Grandfather And His Brother On This Pearl Harbor Day

The first two photos are of my Grandfather who left a wife and young daughter (my mother) behind and served as a US Navy SeaBee in the Aleutian Islands.

The last photo of the sailor with the Springfield 03 is his brother, my Godfather.

I never met my Grandfather.  He died before I was born.

Much to my shame, I did not stay in contact with my Godfather, who is long gone also.

I have often wondered what these two gents would think today about the country they served way back then...

Knowing a little bit about both men from family stories, I'm pretty sure they would be saddened and disgusted.  


  1. Thanks.

    I'm pretty sure they would be saddened and disgusted.

    I often say I'm glad my mother died in 1990 as that was before the $NAACP$ went on the warpath against everything Confederate and it would have broken her heart and agitated her greatly. 1820 would have been a good year for me to have greeted the world.

  2. Zoomie,both of my Grand dads were Navy. I knew one real well,the other not so well.Yep the one I knew well was quite disgusted with the way the Country he fought for had turned out.He died a few years ago,before the Obamanation Thank God! Cool that you have pics to remember them.


  3. "...saddened and disgusted." Yep. There's a lot of that going around.

  4. Zoomie
    Hell it wouldn't be my granddad I'd worry about, I'm glad my father isn't here, I miss him greatly, but he would be so discussed with the ppl of this once great country. They are the ones who turned it over to a bunch of 60's radicals who went to school on his dime as he busted his ass trying to feed his family. Its really sad........


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