Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vigilance And A Duty To Protect

Michael Savage was right.
(ETA:  He's wrong about a lot of other shit, drum magazines and "assault weapons.")

Liberalism/progressivism is a mental disorder.

The gore had not even started to coagulate in Connecticut, and every Commie-lib from President O’Vomit on down gnashed their collective teeth and wailed about new gun restrictions and “doing everything possible to prevent such evil from happening again.”

These motherfuckers live in a fantasy world.

Is the nation awash in guns?

Fuck yes it is, and there’s nothing that will ever make those guns go away.

It is a statistical impossibility to rid this nation of firearms.

Most gun owners won’t give them up anyway.

Ain’t gonna happen, and there will be a big-ass fight if it is attempted.

But the Commie-Lib doesn’t understand this.

The Commie-Lib believes there are two resolutions to the mass-shootings problem:

-Confiscate all guns.  Stricter gun control.

-Build an impromptu display of Mylar balloons, teddy bears, artificial flowers, and over-sized sympathy cards at the scene of the crime.  Light candles.  Cry.  Hold hands.  Hope this evil never happens again.


Hope in one hand.  Shit in the other.  See which hand fills up faster.

Evil will happen whether we want it to or not, and the only thing that would have stopped this satanic cocksucker from hosing down that elementary school would have been a strong and righteous man or woman armed.


At the scene.


End of fucking story.

The cops can’t be everywhere at once, and if you think they exist for the purpose of protecting you and yours, you are a delusional fuck.

As I, and countless others, have said before…most times Johnny Law shows up after the smoke has dissipated…just in time to string up the pretty yellow tape and draw chalk lines around the innocent victims.

with apologies to Norman Rockwell

So what’s it gonna be, America?

Are you gonna wait around for Occifer Friendly to stop the carnage? 

He will be late to the party.

Meanwhile, the body count is rising. 

You’d better shit a decision. 

What the fuck are you gonna do?

I sure as fuck know what I’d do, and it’s not sit around afterwards with my thumb up my ass and cry and sing Kumbayah.

Am I pissed off?

Gawdamn right I am.

Why am I pissed off?

Maybe it’s because the most innocent amongst us are unprotected from evil, and an inanimate object takes the blame.

An inanimate object, which in righteous hands, could have prevented this evil.

An inanimate object which has been regulated to the point that it cannot be legally used by the righteous to protect those most innocent amongst us.

I’m just a dumb truck driver, and I’m probably not expressing myself clearly, but it all doesn’t make sense to me.

Everything is ass-backwards.

Why does evil happen?

Ritalin?  Video games?  Broken homes?  Public education?  Lack of religion?  Hollywood?

I’ll be dipped in shit and rolled in crackers if I know, and I really don’t give a fuck as to why…

What I do know is that we cannot sit on our ass and let it happen.

Nor can we be denied the use of the tools to prevent it.

Merry fucking Christmas.


  1. There`s a reason why we run the road instead of punching a clock everyday. Non- conformist`s who would rather think for themselves than follow some dickhead`s childish instruction`s . Yeah your right , I`ve said many times that a gun is nothing but a formed piece of steel , no more dangerous that the wrenches out in my tool boxes. Look at the family the stupid sonofabitch who did this comes from. Im certain this fuckin punk got everything he ever whined for , never got his goddamn ass beat when he got out of line , or that his so-called parent`s ever said anything to him that would stifle his precious ' self esteem '. Horrifying act`s like this are the wage`s of Liberalism. Spot on , on this too , COP`s carry gun`s to protect themselves , not you. I`ve personally seen how some of them act in high stress situation`s . This is reason enough for the people to stay armed. 99.9% of the time they`re on their own W T S H T F. This place is fucked-up beyond repair. It is a certainty that massive violent upheaval is coming . Soon. The fascist puppet`s in government are the one`s forcing the issue , not the citizenry . Thank GOD for every American out there who will stand and say ;We The People,will NOT disarm.

  2. Right on Zoomie! That is the Truth,but liberals don't want truth they want your guns!


    1. I know...
      It's a good thing I lost all my boomsticks in that flood.
      Otherwise, things might have gotten ugly.

  3. I'm scared. I hope someone from the government can make all those scary guns go away. That will fix everything.

    1. I know. I am frightened as well.
      We need more and larger "No Guns Allowed" signs.

    2. Add knives, cross-bows and clenched fists to the list of banned items.

      Then I'll really sleep well at night.

  4. I started carrying a large, sharp rock in a burlap sock (concealed)..... think the ptb will try and ban my rock??? Then what would I do?....

    1. Release the tiger, of course.

    2. Your rock in a sock is already illegal in numerous places. It falls under the prohibition of a "slung shot" and may even be a felony in various Liberal Utopias like the Demokratic Peoples' Republic of Kalifornia. Have you thought about long range wasp & hornet spray?

  5. I would like to see the crime scene photo's before I believe this even was not a false flag staged event. My gut tells me it was and no one actually died at the scene.

    1. You know... I wrote a long article this morning on the site I help maintain, it was in a private area. And I am NOT any sort of conspiracy theorist by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I'm the first one digging to try to take them apart to get to the truth... but anyway, here's exactly what I told our staff.

      [quote]I think Columbine was a planned event and others believe it too, but kept to themselves about it.
      I believe the Portal Mall Shooting, Aurora Theater and the Sandy Hook School were also all planned events.
      I believe the guy in NY the other day was connected in some way.

      I think ALL of them were planned by a foreign power - probably the Russians and KGB connections and this was a false flag attack not to blame a group, but to blame America's guns to remove them from our hands.

    2. And do NOT get me wrong on this... I never thought any such thing until the last few days looking back over the history of the past few months. I Would have never suggested something like that a few months ago.

      I know the Russians and Chinese are stirring the pot every chance they get, but usually on a different level.

      But think about it. Who wants MORE THAN ANYTHING to disarm America? The Commies? Where do they mostly live? China/Russia.

      Even Yamamoto stated: You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.

      Ya THINK?

  6. if we are going to be un armed...its going to be from traitors among us for financial reward...look close to home for those that betray...think brutas...the enemies are amongst us...the elected with money from the usurpers...carry on and keep your eyes open

  7. If we are ready to shut this down all of us who are the real producers that feed the system have to do to is stop. Stop producing for one year. Those of us who are employed by someone else might not be easy but owners of small business can just stop. Especially the farmers just one year don't grow anything! I have 100 acres that will not be producing 1 bushel this year it will not be rented out. Come on farmers let's starve the beast.

  8. Hahaha. Is this me talking? Hey man I drove for 15 years but got out cause every time Austin(TX) DOT yanked me over I about had a heart attack I was so pissed off. What tha fuck do you want now! Anyway, great blog there driver.

  9. This is not a false flag, it was real but,,, They pulled that AR out of the trunk. HUH? I thought he used that? or was it that he did not think he could get in there with something so large? He was found with 2 handguns but that would not propel the asault weapons ban at all would it. The stuff that is coming was drafted 3 years ago waiting for an event like this. See ya on the superslab driver!


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