Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Is Request Day Art? WTF?

What am I to you people?  

Some kinda performing monkey that jumps whenever you fucking call?

Go fuck yourselves with a rusty farm implement.

Actually, I'm feeling all smug and sure of myself after doing a pad, rotor, and tire slap on the family truckster.

And, I chugged a big ol' beer on an empty stomach so now I'm loopy and feeling creative.

So here you go.


Feel the terror and the murder and the mayhem and the thuggery!


  1. Actually, I don't mind being called an asshole. It reminds me that sometimes, I am an asshole, and leads me towards a little humility, which is good. It also motivates me to play Gotcha! with some unsuspecting soul, and call them an asshole in turn. Then I lose the humility, and the whole thing plays out again, over and over, in a never ending cycle of hilarity. I sometimes think that we should all be born shouting profanities and hair-raising curses at one another, in order for the thing to lose its sting, and then we could go on to more productive things, sooner. But we pick up the skill soon enough, as it is. And you did produce the desired posters, chief. Just trying to mind my fucking manners.

  2. Ain't nuthin' wrong with being an asshole sometimes. It's part of my schtick. Keeps folks on their toes.

  3. He, he. Thing is... I enjoy being an asshole! :-)

  4. I entered an asshole contest, with my wife as a participant....she won.


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