Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Drivers Pulled Over For Good Driving" ...Ummm...Yes. Fuck You!

Dammit.  A decent morning ruined by a stoopid fucking local news story that made me wanna puke.

Christ on crutch!  

Look at these two assholes!

Stanley, the fruity citizen, thinks it's just fabulous to be pulled over for no reason and given a coupon for fucking Starbucks or Pantera Bread by shaved-head, donut-assaulting Occifer Schutzstaffel.

My comment at the news site using my real name ('cuz I ain't skeered, nor do I give a fuck anymore):

BS. This is a fishing expedition for the cops. Pull over somebody for no reason and let's see what we can find and let's see what this sheep of a citizen will reveal to us because he/she has no friggin' idea what freedom is all about.

I know.

I am a bad commenter who is also a hating hate-mongering hater who hates.

Or something...

Also from the story:

24-Hour News 8 partner The Hendricks Co. Flyer reports there were many different responses, with most drivers wondering what they had done wrong.

Most of these drivers prolly thought it was all cool and junk and they were happy that they got free shit and that the cops are keeping them "safe."

I know what my response would have been.

I woulda been fucking pissed off that I was stopped and delayed by the Stasi in order that they could go fishing.

Gawddamn I am sick of the motherfucking blind and oblivious dick-wads who claim to be Americans in this country...and the cops who are willing to do this retarded shit.

Happy New Year.


  1. This is the comment I posted on the site. I'm in Oklahoma - things are done a bit differently here.

    Stories abound re: people being stopped by a "non-cop" with a light - in this case, the old-fashioned "bubblegum machine" atop what appears to be a 1963 Ford. I don't think the cops drive those anymore, even in Indy - do they?
    Where I live, there's a good chance the stupid cop would have been staring down the barrel of a firearm, being used by a duly licensed citizen for defense, assuming the citizen would have stopped for a 50 year old cop car, as pictured.
    Fishing expedition is correct, even with "prizes" awarded for one's stupidity.

    1. Yes. I saw your response. Thanks. This was mine:

      "That old Ford cop car is very well known in the area, and is often used by the local popo for promotional/propaganda purposes.

      Doesn't make it right...just sayin'...but I get the drift of your sentiment."

  2. Oh come on guys, you know it makes the sheeple feel all warm and fuzzy to see shit like this.

    What the dumb fucking bastards don't add up is that this is the same cop who will kick in your door and shoot your dog because he has the wrong fucking address.

  3. Amen. Dumb asses.
    Miss Violet

  4. "Am I being detained? Am I free to go?"

  5. I want that '63 Galaxie. My father had one.

  6. you woulda been pissed off?

    wow, never woulda guessed that


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