Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Glad Healthcare Tidings From O'Vomit

Received these two bits of health insurance info in the mail within the last week.

From what I understand, there is a lot of this going around.

Hells bells.  My 80 year old in-laws have had a Cadillac healthare plan for 30 years through the utility company from which he retired.  They received notice right before Thanksgiving that their plan was cancelled because it was "substandard."

"Substandard" because the old plan didn't include birth control, abortion services, or some other shit a senior citizen would never use.


Thanks bunches, O'Vomit...you fucking lying shit bag commie fuck-stain asshole.


  1. Damn.

    Sorry to hear that.

    Think it's time for the Zoomie rendition on President Snowbama, morphing the Chocolate Emperor with Sutherland's HG movie character:



    Hang in, bro...


  2. Good luck bud, its gonna go to hell for me next year, so I'm thinking we'll all be in the boat sooner then later....
    Like the Ovomit sign, it'll look better then the one I have up......... ;)

  3. Anybody ever told you your dad looks just like Jim Hutton?
    I received my 200$/month Obamacare increase in this weeks paycheck. My health insurance was already increased by 100$/month a year ago. Next year, I'm expecting a cancellation notice from my employer as their costs increase as well. I feel the same way you do about this douchebag. Unfortunately he is merely a puppet for the Globalist Bankers. They control everybody of importance in the United States.

  4. "They control everybody of importance in the United States."

    Do they control you? Me? Everyone with a functional brain and moral sensibility? Only if we allow it.

    Until they can do that, we can still throw them on the ash heap of history.


  5. They don't control me. I am 67, have never had health insurance nor will ever. I pay as I go. If some dreaded diease attacks me, I have instructed my care-takers to roll me down the nearest bar-ditch and let the coyotes and buzzards take good care of me.
    I really don't understand what has gotten into people these days. They think they can live forever. Everyone dies. Their body does anyway. My soul never dies. I have lived many lifetimes on this earth and will continue doing so until I have paid all my debts to the unfortunate assholes who crossed my path in other lifetimes.

    As for the Rothschilds and all their globalists ilk, i intend to be next born into one of those "royal banking families" and then take them all out. Cutting throats, poison, boolit, it makes no diff to me. I'll do it. When you read about it happening in your next life, just remember I told you. Evil and satan have to be stopped.

  6. If that got your jingle bells in an uproar check out how our tax dollars are getting spent making homosexuals feel good about getting O'BarryCare....http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=azoWedQH8zQ#t=3

    Pastor Mike.


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