Friday, December 14, 2018

BOO! AR15 Porn!

Left to right...

AR#1:  Smith & Wesson M&P Sport 2, 16" barrel with carbine length gas system.  Magpul BUIS rear sight, Hogue pistol grip, standard mil spec trigger (actually a nice one too), Magpul carbine length hand guard, green nylon GI WEB sling.

AR#2:  Rock River Arms complete 16" upper with mid-length gas system (gas block is on same plane as upper pic rail), and Magpul mid length hand guard.  Magpul BUIS rear sight.  Midwest Industries steel folding front sight. 

Palmetto State Armory complete lower.  Magpul pistol grip and Magpul "enhanced" winter trigger guard.  Standard mil spec trigger...which REALLY blows and will be swapped out.

Black nylon GI WEB sling.

AR #3:  Palmetto State Armory complete free float upper 20" barrel with rifle length gas sytem. Vortex Strikefire 2 red dot optic (for now), Harris 6-9" bipod. 

Rock River complete lower with A2 stock, standard milspec trigger (which actually seems pretty decent), Hogue pistol grip, winter trigger guard.

I plan on a Nikon P-223 3-9x40 scope and M233 mount, and a green cotton GI web sling.

I just pinned this mess together. It's a nuthin' fancy budget musket.  Haven't had a chance to fire it yet. 

PSA shipped this upper to me (#3) and "forgot" to pin the gas tube to the gas block.  This fact really and truly pissed me off.  I got a roll pin a couple of weeks later from them and installed it myself.

If you're gonna purchase from PSA, look your stuff over very close.  Apparently, they have a history of doing shit like this.

Like they say...if you want something done right, do it yourself.

If I ever get another AR, I will assemble it myself.


    Merry Christmas Zoomie!

  2. Zoomie ol' boy, where ya been?

    What Phil said ^^^

  3. Working...and buying ARs, apparently!

  4. Merry Christmas to y'all as well. As far as my absence...I guess you could say I'm done talkin'! ;)

  5. I shall joyfully spend whatever is left of my life without a single AR-15. Ar-15 part, magazine or round of ammunition.--Ray

    1. Well...congrats, I guess. Care to explain?

    2. I hate the AR-15 the way some people hate snakes. Now I do love guns and even own a real Russian built AKM. I broke down and swallowed the cool aid and got my self a S&W MP9 2.0 compact (with safety) because my 1911A1 got too heavy to CC all day. But after my military service I swore I would go to war with a M1903 before I'd ever pick stoners folly up again. BTW. I'm a gun cleaning fanatic. I just have never seen a Stoner that I trusted not to fail me when I needed it the most, as they have in the past more than once. I'm glad you love them, but really. I'd carry a 30-40 Krag or a Mauser, or almost anything NOT a Stoner. There are some of us out here who are serious gun guys and NOT AR fans.--Ray

    3. Ray: That's what is beautiful about being a (somewhat) free man in a (somewhat) free country. One can do and think as one wishes. Kinda. I'm not about to knock you for your choices. You have reasons for them, and I'm good with that.

      I find the AR platform to be reliable and effective and fun for what I do with it. I have a Garand and a Mosin (and other long guns) as well. I enjoy them all.

      Peace and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  6. I suppose it's a day late, but, Merry Christmas Zoomie!
    (It's Christmas until January 6th, but no one pays that attention anymore).

  7. Merry Christmas, Zoomie.
    I still check here a few times a year to see if you added anything. My, now, 15 year old daughter still asks sometimes about "The Greatest Train Wreck on Earth."
    -Just A Chemist.


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