Sunday, January 29, 2023

What NOT To Do When You Miss Your Exit


First clip: Trying to back up on the shoulder to get to the exit you missed when you don't have the ability to drive in reverse and then you hang your ass out into the travel lanes of an interstate while doing so is ALWAYS a bad idea and a great way to get killed. Good thing I saw it coming, eh? Go to the next exit and do a flip-flop, asshole. You'll live longer that way. Second clip: Retard takes the wrong exit and then decides it'd be cool to swerve onto the shoulder and then cut me off in order to rectify his situation. I just about rectified his rectum with my rig. That woulda been cool...


  1. I worked with a man that watched an old couple back down an exit ramp after the driver took the wrong exit. He backed into traffic, a box van swerved to miss them, lost control, and sailed over an overpass. The truck landed on the cap and crushed the driver. The old couple continued on their way without looking back.

    1. Exactly. I've had people tell me this video was stupid and boring because nothing happened. Most folks don't see what I see (and avoid)...


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