Thursday, January 19, 2012

Slicker Than Whale Snot Out There Today!

A slight dusting of snow, and every stupid bastard on the planet runs outta talent.

The snow was just starting to stick on the road surface.

My drive tires were losing traction intermittently, and I could feel the empty trailer getting ignorant, so I backed out of the throttle.

I don't have a CB installed, so I had no idea there was a problem ahead as I listened, blissfully ignorant, to my treasonous right-wing Sirius talk radio. 

I damn near wiped out avoiding Billy Bigrigger who slammed on his brakes in front of me, but I let loose a string of glorious profanity, gathered her up, got her stopped, and sat on my ass motionless for an hour on the interstate.

I love my job!

Every day is like The Rapture!

Or something...

This is what the crash scene looked like when I finally got rolling again.


A van, an SUV, a "big truck," and a pickup pulling a U-Haul trailer got together on the bridge.

The U-Haul trailer was destroyed, and its contents strewn all over the interstate.

No serious injuries from what I could tell.

Better them than me.


I gotta install that CB.

...and hold the camera horizontally next time!

You never know when I might need to film a VIPER Squad or some other government thugs.

That's what I think.


  1. Nice.

    My middle son pulls a double drop detach from here to Delphos a couple of times a week. I just bought him another CB radio for Christmas. (Bought him one last year, too) He hasn't installed it...

    He was supposed to head over that way this morning but the roads here were shit and he was 12' wide so the "boss" wouldn't let him leave. Probably a good thing.

    Ahhhh well.... You stay safe out there.

  2. I have no idea what a "double drop detach" is, but it sounds manly, over-sized...and dangerous as fuck.

    Hope your boy doesn't drive for FedEx or Old Dominion (I call them OverDose).

    When either of those companies are yankin' doubles, I steer well clear of 'em 'cuz they are insane.

    I frequently see FedEx and OD doubles rigs wadded up, upside down, and on fire in a ditch.

  3. Nah, he hauls heavy equipment (mostly) for a local OTR company. It's one of those trailers that sits really low to the ground and the front neck of the trailer can be pulled away with the tractor so that you can drive a farm tractor or other equipment onto the trailer then hook 'er back up to the neck and drive away. Well now. That explanation was clear as mud. It's like a dropped center trailer that breaks apart for loading :)

    I'll post a picture somethime.


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