Sunday, February 26, 2012

Perfect For Scraping Shit Off Your Shoes

This little beauty is only $40!


That's what I'll do with the forty bucks the shithead supposedly saved me on my me a gen-u-ine O'bummer, lead-infused, made-in-China grill scraper.

Maybe Moose-chelle will have a fucking coronary thinking about me flipping fatty burgers and bratwursts on my environment-destroying charcoal fired grille.

Y'all gotta check out Obama's Souvenir Shack on the interwebs.

It is awesome and chock full o' useful crap you won't be able to live without!

Stock up today! 



I just noticed something about the O'Sama burger flipper.

The handle end looks like it could double as a beer bottle opener...which means once you consume the beer, you could refill the bottle with gasoline and make you a groovy field-expedient Molotov cocktail.

Shit, man.

With utility like this, maybe this Commie spatula ain't such a bad deal after all:

-shit scraper
-burger flipper
-bottle opener
-fire bomb maker

I bet the Obama gang never thought of stuff like this before...


Just call me Mr. Praxis and shit...


  1. If I wouldn't be putting money into the Obamessiahs' campaign fund (or Mooch-elle's vacaycay fund) I'd buy one and use it for the purpose you suggested.
    Fuck Obama

  2. I just threw up a little in my mouth...

  3. Every bug-out-bag should have one...

  4. Much better, at half the price:


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