Monday, January 7, 2013

Candy Cane Of Death

Today was the day to take down Christmas decorations at my crib.

Some old broken stuff and other debris was getting shit-cannedI noticed a bit of it, and my demented mind began to wander.

This is what I came up with.

It is what I call the Candy Cane of Death®, and it has many useful purposes.

Especially these days...

What could be better than a candy cane full of ammo?


That's what.



Sell it to Trayvon.


I may market this genius idea next year during the holidays, if...God willing, I am still above ground.

Happy New Year.


Edit:  Because I am a giving and loving person, I have decided to give you all a GIF version of my much beloved Candy Cane of Death®.

This piece of art is large and in-your-face, and it should be nice and crisp.

If it isn't, I am sorry and I will refund your money.

With this GIF image, you should be able to open it up to its full glory and right click and save and paste it on to the background image of your choice and be creative and make agitation propaganda (agitprop) and attract the attention of the authorities and get stacks of heavily armed government goons on your door step. 

What you do after that is entirely up to you. 

If you use this Candy Cane of Death® elsewhere, I would appreciate a little acknowledgement...but I'm not gonna have an aneurism if you don't.

I hope I have been helpful.

You're welcome


  1. Crib???? WTF? Dude, I thought you'd be in a big boy bed by now, bwhahaha!

    Great idea, btw ;)
    Miss Violet

    1. I know. It's my inner ghetto coming out. I should edit it. I thought about it, but if I did it now you would look silly...and I would never do that to you. "Crib" stays.

  2. A perfect Christmas gift, or any time.

    The gift of life.


    PS-if yous going getto, don't forget to have the saggy pants and show half your ass. :0

    1. Noooooooo, not the ass crack thing!
      Miss V

  3. I wanna see the do-rag, aunt jemima rag around your head with the hat cocked to ine side...

    Happy year Zoomie

  4. Love your shit man!! best I've seen. see you at the front!

  5. Terrific! Wish I'd thought of it.

  6. Please sign it folks!



  7. Sorry, but I just had to push your buttons (Fuck off, Die etc,) It was like candy on the counter

  8. One other thing Walter, I had no idea that ALL the cool shit that I saw on ALL the patriot and 3% site was yours. It is all top notch and it seems that you dominate the market. I picked up a picture "That's about enough of your bullshit" and use it as an avatar on my blog profile. I saw it here on your site. Is that also yours? Pls. let me know and I will change it.

    1. EGD:

      Thanks, but, yes...some of it I had a hand in. ;) shit is there for the using by the III folks. It's my little way of contributing to the effort. Some people seem to like it, which is sorta cool.

      The one you ripped off...(which don't bother me none) for your avvy is something I threw together and enhanced from an existing image I found floating around on the intardnets.

      Glad you like it, and I will peruse your place more in depth later.

      You seem to be some kinda rabble-rouser and a talker of sedition and maybe a domesticated terrorist.

      My kinda guy...


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