Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Syria.  Cops threatening to arrest church folks for feeding the hungry.  Egypt.  Feral ghetto beasts running amok.  Corrupt, treasonous, unaccountable government at all levels from both parties.  Militarized, steroid-soaked civilian "law enforcement" literally getting away with murder.  Drones.  Surveillance.

I could go on and on.

Ad nauseum.

Better put on your war face.


  1. Photo is a still from the opening scene of "Saving Private Ryan" and the landing-craft.

    This character is an unnamed extra as far as I know, but the look on his face and in his eyes as they head towards the beach has been seared into my memory for years.

    It is very moving and powerful, in my opinion.

    Grim. Determined. Horrified. Angry.

    I like to think I kinda know how guys like him felt.

    1. Yes, and he is one of the first; if not THE first shot when the ramp drops.

    2. There was an interview done with one of the survivors of Omaha Beach on History Channel or some such a few years ago , the most memorable quote was this ; " When the ramp on that Higgins boat dropped , I was confronted with the realization that I was no longer a boy from down on the farm in Tennessee . I was a man , in a mans world , and I was going to have to do a mans job . Nuff said " WE " didn't ask for this ........so if " they " insist .......

  2. The war is lost, all we can do is hunker down and wait to rebuild from the ashes. We lost our freedoms starting in the 1930's, and the loss continued in the 1960's, with BHO being the final nail in our coffin.

  3. we have not lost. we still have guns and ammo, a fighting chance against a foe we outnumber largely. don't ever give up Swamp Dog, obuckwheat is just a little bump in the road.

  4. When?
    When do we call bullshit on this absolute TYRANNY and do what we all know that we must do?

  5. We made our bed to get us where we are today but the zombies around us dont get it or dont care. Either way we owe a debt to our children and theirs of Liberty at any cost because too many souls paid the piper to get it and keep it.. It rankles me no end to think the likes of these shitstains think they can take it for nothing and get away with it.

    Times comin' for these refugees from natural selection to get selected and I havent a clue when but I do know I wont miss it when it shows its evil mug.

    Fuck'em hard and step over 'em.

    Yank lll

  6. Times coming when the EBT Cards won't work, the grill will be out of propane, won't be any beer to chill and the Game won't be on,, you'll see some pissed off people then. Unfortunately, that's what it'll take to start the Party.

    1. If then. I really don't hold out much hope that the people will do anything. Most will just sit in the dark and piss and moan.

  7. I cannot wait for the EBT "Snap Cards" to quit working. The Porch Monkeys will be rioting in the streets when their "Freebie Food" stops coming. As one of those who WORKS and provides some of the MONEY that supports the SNAP Card, I am already shutting down my "Involuntary Input" for the Welfare Bums. LET THEM STARVE. The quicker they either starve or are shot by a CITIZEN the quicker they will quit wasting oxygen. I for one AM PREPARED.

  8. It'll be bad at first but after a month post-collapse the first die-off wave will be over, the bodies will have mostly decomposed. It'll still be dangerous from warrior gangs of thugs raiding for food and women. But these too will pass as local governing councils send out seek and destroy units. It's like waiting for the siege to begin in a castle surrounded by enemy forces who want what you have. It's this stress of imminence and inevitability that is grinding people down now, knowing it's coming and not being able to do much.

  9. The character looks like one of the men who was in the landing craft in the movie "Saving Private Ryan"

  10. I learned a long time ago to quit tripping on what might happen and ohmigod what will I do.
    Prepare for everything but for God's sake, don't get so involved with it that you forget to enjoy life.
    Shit's going to happen when it's going to happen.


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