Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fun With Texting

A little background:

I went to using a smart-phone a little less than a year ago.

Before that, I had a cheap and embarrassing pay-as-you-go Tracfone which really sucked and was on its last legs.

My new job pretty much required I have something modern with texting, e-mail, and intardnets capability, so I switched to an iPhone.

I started getting all kinds of wrong number phone calls and texts from folks I didn't know trying to contact somebody who must have had my same number at one time.

I tried being nice and told them they had the wrong guy.

When that didn't work, I tried the asshole approach, and that failed miserably also.

These people weren't getting the message, but I kept getting theirs, and their methods of communicating and the words they chose and the names they used indicated to me that they may be people of color and of a religion other than Christianity or Judaism and possibly from a foreign country.

I got another message last night.

I decided to get playful.

We'll see where this goes.

It could be fun and interesting.

Or not.


  1. See if you can get them to send you some money.

  2. Nabeel! You do the nasty wif yo yellow GF, you see if she have friend fo me!
    PS, call yo Momma, I showed her yo texts and now she be worried about you an shit, sup!

  3. japaneeeez iz fo eatin
    goatz iz fo fuckin

  4. pypf - piss your pants funny, looking forward to the continuing saga of “Fun With Texting"


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