Saturday, September 7, 2013

Do It Yourself

My local po-po's report from FacePlant (FaceBook):

BP13-1876. On Monday 8/26/2013 at around 8:30 am the Beech Grove Police received a report of an attack on a 16 year old female in the rear of the 700 block of Grovewood Drive near I-465. 

The suspect is described as a white male in his 20's with pale skin, short light colored hair and acne scars on his face. The suspect was last seen wearing a baggy gray shirt and baggy blue jean shorts. 

Anyone with information on this case can call Beech Grove Police Crimetips at 317-782-4950. You may also email us at, message us on Facebook or Twitter at @BGPDCrimeTips and as always you may remain anonymous.

Not in my neighborhood, motherfucker. 

This asshole meth-head tried to rape this girl.  He tried to get her pants off and she pretty much kicked his ass and fought him off.

This suspect has also been identified as the same guy who stalked a couple of young girls in my area, and is thought to be living in the woods near my home.

Click to enlarge.  Or not...

I have suggested a huntin' party in those woods on FacePlant and got no response.

A neighbor's property butts up against the creek at the 4th Ave. woods. He said he saw a guy fitting the suspect's description peeking over his fence. 

This neighbor also said there was a hobo tent in these woods behind his property. 

This neighbor says he called BGPD and that BGPD gaffed him off and didn't respond to the call to investigate the tent in the woods. 

So...this neighbor, another man from the neighborhood, and I decided to investigate the tent for ourselves seeing as BGPD had better things to do. 

The tent was unoccupied and looked as if it had not had an occupant for some time. 

Our little recon mission came up empty, but at least we did SOMETHING...

Thanks for nothing, Beech Grove Police Department. 

Keep writing those speeding tickets.

Some of you might be saying, "Zoomie!  Big fucking deal.  You and your hill-billy neighbors got tipsy and brave on Busch Light, kitted yourselves up like a Marine fire team on Guadalcanal, and took a stumble through the woods.  You are delusional, and you should have let the professionals handle it...and they would have if they thought it was important enough.    Besides, those girls were asking for it anyways.  They were wearing shorts in the summertime.  The whores. are a retard for posting a picture of your neighborhood.  Now the government goons know where you live and can send in the drones.  OPSEC OPSEC OPSEC!  Idiot.  You suck.  Please hurry up and die already!"

OK...number one...fuck off.  

Number two...the fucking cops apparently aren't going to do anything.  I have a teen daughter, and my neighbor has a young wife and a little daughter.  My neighbors and I are not the types to sit around and wait for the cavalry to save us.  

Number three...I am in serious don't-give-a-fuck mode when it comes to government goons and whether or not they KNOW me. 

I am certain they KNOW me, and, like I stated...I don't-give-a-fuck!

Have a nice day.


  1. Replies
    1. Oddly, high winds came through the area recently and made the tent fall down and go boom. Weird how that shit happens, ain't it?

  2. Outstanding! Keep up the good work! I've got that same don't give a fuck attitude here lately myself.

  3. Glad to see I'm not the only one with an attitude!!


  4. Zoomie, I'm down with your train of thought.
    If the donut eatin' Po Po don't feel the need to do their fucking job and you have a known molester in the neighborhood, especially when you have women folk as potential victims, take that shit serious and do something about it yourself.Even better to have a neighbor as back up.

    If nothing else the sick fucking bastard will start feeling the heat and get the message that there might be easier pickings elsewhere.

    Even better if you could get your hands on the sonofabitch and drive this point home personally.

    I would be seriously pissed off if it were me.

  5. That miscreant is probably the son of the desk Sgt. Hope you find him before they do, Heh, the apple doesn’t rot far from the tree

    1. Ha! I had the same thought. As I talked to my neighbors about this, I was flabbergasted as to why the cops weren't acting on the tips and evidence I described. I said something like, "Maybe this turd is the chief's son, and that's why nothing is being done."

      Great/cynical minds think alike!

  6. Zoomie, amen Brother! Fuck the pigs. We need to take care of our own. Local local local. The revenuers (cops) don't give a flying fuck about you or me. Only their "career", and hitting their quota every month. Stuff like you described don't bring in any revenue so it goes on the back burner. If it hits the stove at all...

  7. I wouldn't mind coming to Indiana to do some hunting with you Zoomie.

  8. I have suggested a huntin' party

    I just checked with headquarters and that area is a free fire zone, so you're good to go...........:)

  9. Just checkin' to see if you're alive.....
    Miss Violet

    1. I'm fine. Thanks for asking. Just been working a lot so the FSA can get theirs, and I haven't had anything typically brilliant to post. Quality before quantity. Or something. Maybe.


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