Friday, April 11, 2014

For My Pals In Nevada...

Now...I freely admit I stole a buncha these graphic elements from various places on the innerwebs and enhanced them and glued them together and added some text, so I don't need any of you cunty sonsa-bitches telling me I didn't get permission from Marlboro or from some other far-flung unknown asshole.

Fuck them, and fuck you, and fuck the federal scumbags in Nevada.

To everyone is your day going?


Feel free to comment away with your bad-ass selves.

Cursing and foul language is fine...even encouraged here. In fact, I think cussing is fucking wonderful.

Just remember...this is MY house, and I will not be insulted or maliciously messed with here.

Good-natured ribbing is cool, but if you and I don't have some kind of previous relationship, you had best mind your fucking manners or I will relegate you to the intardnets dustbin for being a cunt.

To know me is to love me.

Or something.