Friday, April 18, 2014

For That Asshole Harry Reid: Pan Fried Rebellion

Feel free to offer up some other text suggestions in the comments.

I'll see what I can whip together.


  1. Could we have a good stainless steel sauté pan, copper bottom preferably, or a good cast iron skillet instead of that cheap Teflon, wouldn't crush a fly's skull, stuff?

    Thank you for thinking of us.

    1. Fuck me. I guess the gun's all wrong too?
      And the rolling pin is not virgin hickory old growth lumber, so it is incorrect as well?

      Gawdammit...I said make TEXT suggestions.

      You don't get to insert yourself into my day and instruct me on my artistic design elements.

      OK, Renoir?


    2. Fucking skillet nazi.

    3. I thought you wanted suggestions...guess not...but just to soothe any frayed nerves over here, a brief explanation if I may:

      I wouldn't suggest to you experts that a 9mm is a reasonable substitute for a oh...say....50 cal.

      See? I was trying to "help" and have hurt your feelings, for which I apologize profusely.

      No, the rolling pin is is the handgun.

      here's a "TEXT" suggestion:

      "Resistance...It's What's for Dinner."

    4. "Resistance...It's What's for Dinner."

      Yes. Great idea. I use that and some cunty sonuvabitch accuses me of ripping off the Beef Council.

      Try harder.


  2. Hey, I DIG that pan, I have one just just like it, along with the tortilla roller and the Glock! :D
    Fucking purists ...

  3. Tortilla roller? I have never heard of such a thing.

    Please reconsider.

    In my house, that device is used for making cat head biscuits and cookies.

  4. How about the skillet n' gun in the fore ground, and Edie Adams singing, "I can bring home the bacon/ and fry it up in a pan/ and never ever let you forget/ death to all fucking tyrants."

  5. Thanks for these, Mr. Zoomie. You've put a smile on this jaded ol' stay at home mom's face. I'm singing "I'm a woman, double yew oh em a...BANG!" And if who ever wrote that stupid jingle has a problem with me co-opting their crap, I'd be happy to show 'em see my 'kitchen-aide'.

    1. Thanks SlenderMom, and thanks for visiting.

      Stay at home moms kick much ass. I should know. I've been married to my stay at home wife for 24 years this week. It's been a sacrifice to lose her income so that we can raise our kids instead of strangers at day care, but I think it has been worth it as our three offspring are pretty much head and shoulders above their peers in just about every aspect.


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