Saturday, May 11, 2013

My 2013 Indy 500 Jamboree And Hootenanny: I Will Be Fashionably Late To The Dance

I know.

I suck.

I won't be attending Opening Day festivities at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway today because I currently have a project from hell going on at my house.

See...what started as a simple weekend leaking tub drain fix has ended up being a multi-week complete bathroom gutting and remodeling.

The cast iron waste line leading from the tub was corroded and broken, and to fix that meant removing the tub...which meant removing the walls...which lead to the decision to go on ahead and redo the entire (and only) bathroom in my humble abode (shack). 

Did I mention that my crib is on a slab and damn near everything is buried in concrete?


I should live in a trailer.

Sunday will be a no-go trackside as well.

I may be able to get out there next week for some practice days.

The project is coming along thanks to the generous help of a heart-of-gold neighbor.

We will be ripping out the sink, installing new copper water lines, and hanging drywall today.

In other news, I was contacted last night by a well-connected real Indy racin' insider who told me I would be furnished with a Bronzed Badge at no charge to me.

Thanks, real Indy racin' insider.

This is cool, and your gesture is much appreciated.

Free shit is always cool.

That's what I think.

See you trackside.




  1. Hope you make it bud, that looks like a lot of work..........yuck.............;)

  2. At least there is a bit of good news now that Mr. Murphy has taken up residence in yer bathroom. That is a lot of work man and concrete slabs suck ass when you are trying to do plumbing repairs.

    Fuck, I think I would give up my right nut to be able to go see Indy week, especially the race.

    You better get some juicy pics dude and I want serious,regular, updates from the inside you lucky dog.

    They don't come to Portland anymore, that was my must see event every year when they did.
    They fucked that up beyond repair obviously.

  3. Hey Zoomie,
    I noticed you enclosed your bathroom window. Don't you want to exhaust the smell when the cat unloads a dump? It might get rank in there, more then the cast iron pipe will corrode, stainless steel will melt iffin the stank ain't aired out...

    The Not-Original Idaho Bob


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