Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vintage Razor Blades Perfect For Slicing A Fool Long, Deep, And Forever

Looky here what I found!

Most of you fine folks know by now that I have plunged into a bathroom remodeling project from Hades.

The work continues at a slow, maddening pace.

Whilst tearing out a wall which formerly held a medicine cabinet, I found eleventy billion ancient razor blades because back in the day they were uncaring about shit and racist and didn't give a flying fuck about storing used, HIV-positive-carrying and hepatitus-C-infested shaving aparati in a wall which would make Al Gore weep tidal waves of salty tears.

Ah...the good old days.

With gloved hands, I carefully removed and binned the blades which ended up in a landfill somewhere.

Ha!  Choke on it, Al Gore.  I get the last laugh. related news, while looking through one of my inherited late father's magic nuts and bolts boxes, I recently stumbled across some vintage, still-in-the-wrapper razor blades...and seeing as I have multiple personality and mental disorders and I like old shit, I thought I'd scan them and see how they looked.

Kinda cool, I think.

Or not.

Glad I never had to shave with this shit.

The gore would be exquisite.

I said gore...

I kill me.


  1. Them evil double edged dealers of death and assorted mayhem - aka 'safety razors' - are the reason I went to electric razors a looooong time ago - not sure I have replaced the blood lost to this day!

  2. yes they were and can be bloody. A few years ago I gave up on the high priced multi bladed wonders theat grace the bathrooms of folks nowadays. I then took up and old straight razor and brush. And let me tell ya, it takes a steady hand. I have made many appearances at work with a red line across my face from the mornings efforts.

  3. Picked up a safety razor on an odds and ends table at a gun show about three years ago. Bought a mug and brush set at the local drug store, haven't looked back since. Better shave, cheaper, even started using some of the old time aftershaves: Old Spice, and Pinaud Clubman.

  4. Have been using a safety razor since I had to....waaaay back in the day...Close shave,feels good,wifey won't use it so the blades last longer....All in all,Go for it. Show the boys how Manly you are and what they should aspire to....good luck with the remodel....J2


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