Sunday, November 7, 2021

Bike Work Stands: Buy Or Build?

I want a bike work stand. I want some degree of portability. Park Tools stuff is awesome, but man...are they proud of their gear!

I think I can cobble together something cheaper and more sturdy.
I'll start with this car engine stand inherited from dear old dad.

I won't be rebuilding any more small block Chevrolets, so I thought, "Why not figure out a way to use this boat anchor as a bike work stand? If it'll hold a car engine securely, it will sure as shootin' hold a bicycle."

I figure I could bolt a wall-mounted/bench-mounted bike repair stand to this thing.

The engine stand has wheels, so it has some measure of portability, but I won't be picking it up and putting it into my pickup truck bed anytime soon.

This bike repair stand could be easily removed from the engine stand should I or someone else need the engine stand for its designed purpose. (unlikely)

Or maybe something like this, to also include a fit and adorable Welsh lass!


As the holiest of holidays approaches, #2 son and his wife come through big time with a birfday gift of the Park Tool PCS 9.3 !
Thanks, kids!

When it rains, it pours! Apparently, my wife and #2 son do not coordinate much...but it's all good. If one is good, two is more betterer!
Lovely wife gifted me this Bike Hand work stand today. I did my research, and this and the Park Tool were at the top of my list. Good materials, fit and finish, and workmanship. Solid and sturdy.
I would recommend, and I have to say I like it as much as the Park Tool.


  1. Merry Christmas, Zoomie. Wife gave me a collection of license plates from the states (and counties where applicable) that I've lived in for my 44 years. The Vanderburg plate from my years growing up in Indiana (Evansville) made me think of your blog as well. I was there form 1984 until I left for college in 95. Good years, in many ways.
    -Just A Chemist

  2. Merry Christmas, Zoomie!!
    -Just a Chemist


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