Sunday, November 7, 2021

Mucking About With The Pure Fix

Yes. I did it.

The destructive kid (and his parents) a few doors down donated some parts.
A couple of ragged out kid-sized department store BMX rigs. One that looked like it got run over by mom's minivan, and the other that appeared to have been dragged from the river.
I scrounged the handlebars, amongst other things, then did the unthinkable.
Spray bombed a disgusting neon green set into a gaudy gloss banner red set, and bolted them onto my fixie!
The BMX bars are the same width as the straight bars, so why not try it?
Sacrilege? I think not. I also added a set of rear brakes.

It pleases my eye to gaze upon it.
The bike fits me now and is very comfortable.



And no, I do not ride it fixed.
I am old and not nearly cool enough.

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