Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Freshening Up My Daughter's Vintage GT Outpost.

 A buddy gave me this thing years ago. It had those gawd-awful bull bars, no grips or tape, thin, dry rotted gum wall road tires, destroyed pedals, and a worn out and gummed up drive train.

I decided it was time to show my one and only daughter some love this time! :heart:

New Kenda City slick tires, new Oury grips, new composite pedals from Wally World, suitable MTB handlebars of unknown origin from my stash, replaced brake levers from used parts bin, cleaned and repacked front wheel bearings, and a good de-greasing/cleaning of the chain, drive sprocket, derailleurs, and cassette.

Removed the hideous and yellowed plastic pie plate, and gave this rig an overall good scrubbing. Didn't do anything to rectify the worn teeth on drive sprocket, though. Nothing in my stash to fix it.
It's fine for what daughter does with it...casual cruising the neighborhood.

It's kinda beat up, but it's got character!

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