Tuesday, November 2, 2021

What In Tarnation Did I Just Bring Home? Some Kinda Rig I Wouldn't Understand Rescued From The Trash Man! 2003 Quintana Roo Triathlon Bike!

 All sorts of scary stuff I know little about!

Aired up the tires, screwed in a pedal somebody had almost cross-threaded, tightened the wheels, raised the handle bars and removed the bull horns and arm rests, lowered the seat....and she's a runner! Gears all work using the shifters on the brake levers!

It was sitting out front of a home in my hood. I knocked on the door and asked the lady if she was throwing it out. She said she was.
I had some idea I was seeing something special(ized). :D
It is VERY light weight. Carbon fiber fork. I think the frame is aluminum.

I gots me lots of learnin' to do!

Funny part is, I rode my MTB across town to get a haircut one morning in order to test out my new Under Armour cycling app. Before doing so, I installed two new inner tubes. 

After the haircut, I took a different way home and got less than half way and developed a front flat.

During my long walk of shame I came across the Quintana Roo. Once I got home I hopped in my pickup and retrieved the bike!

So, I'm kinda wrapping things up for the year and closing up shop because winter's coming and I have to do most of my bike work and painting outside.
But, I can't leave well enough alone, so I take a closer look at this thing and try to figure out what exactly is wrong with the drive side crank which I mentioned in my OP that seemed to be damaged.

Well, it's damaged alright. In fact, it appears to be FUBAR. Pedal threads are hopelessly stripped, and the arm appears to be slightly bent. The sprocket seems OK, as does the bottom bracket. A quick innerwebs search kinda tells me this Truvativ ISIS Drive Elita (F2815E/1725) set is unobtanium in new condition.

I'm thinking about dragging this heap to my local bike shop to see if they can recommend a new crank arm set which doesn't bankrupt me.

Crank is FUBAR.  But I have part number, size (172.5mm), and the intardwebs.

Looky here! New old stock. From Italy. Just under $90 including shipping. Awesome. This is an exact replacement!

It arrived in beautiful, brand new condition. To say I am pleased would be an understatement!

A set of Wellgo strap-on pedals for the Roo, ordered, paid for, and sent to my addy by #2 son.
I ain't the kinda guy who straps on anything, but the bike's for him and these are what he wants.

My work here is done! Handed it over to #2 son!

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