Thursday, May 16, 2013

My 2013 Indy 500 Jamboree And Hootenanny: I'm Not Always An Asshole...

...but when I am, I'm REALLY an asshole!

I kill me.

I await my drone strike.


  1. Drone strike! Ack! I guess that is as good a reason to start spreading your particular humor/talents around Pintrest...if you don't shake those Buffy and Skippys up, no one can, lol. That means I'm stealing your shit and terrorizing Blase` Americans on Pintrest with it. ;)
    Miss Violet
    PS~ I want some of your poppy seed. Please. And no that is NOT a euphemism.

    1. ...oh yeah, I did give you credit btw.
      Miss V

    2. You go on ahead wiff yo bad-ass self and use my crap however you wish. Send me your snail mail addy via my email addy in my profile and I'll get you some poppy seeds. I assume I'll be breaking no laws doing so. THAT would be wrong. ;)


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