Thursday, May 22, 2008

Part 45- My 2008 Magnificent Colossal Indy 500 Photo Blog Thing: Various Drunken Musings...

Oriol Servia's Angie's List Special...

How long has it been since we had a Special car in the field?

A long time, I would guess.

Maybe I should ask David Donaldson, or something.


I hung out by the KV garages today and eavesdropped on Jammy Billson as he talked to some fans.

He seems pretty cool.

I'd like to have beers with him.

He talked about getting turbo chargers and getting real sponsor like Valvoline and stuff, and acted like he was enthusiastic about the future of real open wheeled racing here in the US.

I am almost like a spy/insider or something.

Jammy needs milk.

Brand spankin' new half-shafts/hub assemblies for the Newman/Haas/Lanigan/McDonalds rig...

At least, I hope they're brand-new, and not rebuilt bull-crap from AutoZone, or something.

Autographed helmets at the Impact store in Gasoline Alley...

If you look closely, you will see what appears to be Shrillary Klinton's signature on these brain buckets.

I would not wear head protection with her autograph scrawled on it, because it would probably make me turn too far to the left and cause a heinous on-track racing incident.

Impact Racing is a company that makes safety equipment like helmets and fire suits and belts and stuff. It is owned by Bill Simpson, maybe, an Indy Racing legend.

Impact Racing used to be called Simpson, but when Dale Earnhardt died in his shunt at Daytona, some dumb people thought faulty Simpson equipment was the culprit, but Simpson products were not the reason Dale died.

One of the reasons Dale died was because he didn't use Simpson products properly.

In spite of this fact, Simpson got a lot of heat, and he went out of business and restarted it and called it by a different name so that the unreasonable Earnhardt fans wouldn't shoot him or torch his house.


This is an insider's look deep inside the Indiana Oxygen/Lincoln Welders garage on Gasoline Alley.

It is cool too!

This is where real Indy race teams can get some welding done on their fast and shiny racers if they need it.

It looks kinda old school and stuff. One can almost see a laydown Epperly in there with greasy mechanics pouring over it getting it ready for race day. Maybe.

I got a cool Lincoln Welders decal there from the nice folks. I put the decal on my garage beer fridge, because that's what cool and real Indy fans and pseudo-wrenches do.

This is my garage beer fridge...

Every guy who has a garage at his house should have a beer fridge. It is the proper and prudent thing to do, because then you don't have to go in the house with dirty hands every time you need a beer.

Garage beer fridges are cool and should be decorated with stickers and decals and magnets of various and differing and manly things.

Take notes if you need to...

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