Sunday, June 14, 2009

War Letters: Part 12

February 1, 1991

Stuck in a god-forsaken shithole desert somewhere near Kabrit, Saudi Arabia

Dear Lynda:

Hi lover! Yes…it’s your long lost husband writing to you from the battle zone again. Hope you are doing well. We are all fine.

Things seem to be going pretty well for us right now. We appear to be kicking Saddam’s ass every chance we get. I hope it stays that way.

The killing of eleven Marines has really ignited us all. It seems they were killed by a bunch of Iraqis who were pretending to surrender, and then opened fire on our guys when they were good and close. Such tricks and skullduggery only serves to increase our determination to stomp the enemy’s guts out! We will prevail!

Stratton talked to his wife yesterday, and he said that she couldn’t rest after hearing about the Marines being killed. It really saddens us all to think of how worried and concerned everyone is about us. It saddens us too to think about our brothers in arms being cut down, even though we never knew them. It really affects us all.

I hope this war ends quickly, and not just for you and myself. All of the Americans over here are volunteers, and in my mind are the best people on the earth…the cream of humanity. It would be such a waste for a lot of them to be lost. It would be a great loss for the entire country.

From all the news that we get, it seems that the country is very much behind us and supporting us. It’s very good for us to feel that way. The country seems to be united in this war…much like it was in WW2.

I read in The Stars and Stripes that the service star is coming back. I think that’s cool.

In WW2, people back home would hang a service star in their window, showing that they had a loved one serving in the war.

We hear that flags are flying everywhere, and that yellow ribbons adorn everything. It’s so great! I’d love to be home to see all of that, but then I’d feel like I should be over here doing my part. I’m really screwed up, ain’t I?

...for the free flow of oil at market prices.' shits.

Cowan just got two more packages today. I don’t think they’re done handing out the mail. I hope I get a package or something today, or I might begin to feel unloved!

We are getting ready to “rat-fuck" Cowan’s goodies that he just opened. We’re all just gonna sit around and stuff our sewers and get sick!

Well…we ate like pigs and finished it all off with a big cigar. It was great…almost like home.

Babe…I’m sorry I can’t be home for Valentine’s Day.

So…happy Valentine’s Day, dear darling beloved wife! I love you a bunch! And I miss you terribly!

Be careful in your travels, and please take care honey. I’ll see you soon.

Until then…I love you.


Semper Fi!


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