Saturday, June 20, 2009

War Letters: Part 19

March 1, 1991

In the desert outside Kuwait City, Kuwait

Dear Lynda:

Greetings and salutations from the Emirate of Kuwait!

From all indications, the war is over! You may get to see my ugly mug before you even get this letter!

We are all fine.

Our unit entered Kuwait on 26 February. Many other units crossed the border and went through the minefields before we did. I expected the worst, but going through the dreaded breaches and mines turned out to be a waltz in the park (for us).

The Iraqi defenses were pulverized before we went through them. I saw many enemy tanks blown to smithereens and burning, trucks and artillery pieces ablaze with live rounds spilled out all over the place. Some of the live rounds “cooked off” and exploded, slightly injuring a few.

There’s a lot of shit lying around, and we’ve been warned of booby traps. Two Marines were killed when they picked up Iraqi grenades. I’m not picking up anything!

The demolition crews have been busy cleaning up and blowing up Iraqi munitions.

Our unit is stationed on the outskirts of Kuwait City. We can barely see the city.

Most American forces were halted outside the city so that the Arab part of the coalition could go in and secure it. From what I hear, it was a real bloodbath. They executed all Iraqis that they captured in the city.

While we were still in convoy heading north, I saw a platoon of Iraqis wandering around in the desert looking for someone to surrender to. We were hauling ass north, so we couldn’t stop to take them in. I wonder what happened to them. (We threw some MREs at them and continued on. This could be considered a war crime!)

(Newsweek photo)

Just got word that reservists and the 1st Marine Division will be the first to go home! We are to start pulling back south in six days or so. I could be home, or at least back in the USA, by our anniversary! (April 21)

They said 3,000 Marines a day will be flying out soon. That’s around 60 charter flights per day.

Babe…I’ll be so happy if it happens!

We’re supposed to get mail today too! They choppered in 170 bags of mail for our division. Now all they gotta do is sort it! That’ll take forever. Because of the ground war, we haven’t had mail for a week. It’ll be good to get.

I can’t believe it’s almost over. It happened so quickly. I guess I expected it to last much longer.

Everybody is in high spirits…intoxicated with victory.

Some idiot on the other side of the compound just fired up the PA system, and is playing the theme from Star Wars…I think. Maybe it’s “The Ride Of The Valkyries” or something like that. They also played it in the movie “Apocalypse Now,” when the choppers were coming in to trash a Viet Cong village. I don’t know if you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway…back to the morale. We are all very happy. There’s a lot of backslapping and hand shaking going on. I guess we’re happy to have made it through alive. The regulars aren’t quite as happy as the reserves. They may have to stay two or three more months. Sour grapes. Oh well…

Thank you very much for the packages and mail. It really helps me to get by.

I hope what they’re telling us is true, and that we’ll be back in the states soon.

We’ll have a grand homecoming!

I love you, baby! I’ll see you soon.

I will write, or maybe get to call you, again very soon.

Take care. I will. Later!

Semper Fi!


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