Monday, June 15, 2009

War Letters: Part 14

February 6, 1991

Growing roots in the sand near Kabrit, Saudi Arabia

Dear Lynda:

Hello baby and good morning.

It’s 2am and I’m on duty right now watching the phones. Hopefully I won’t get any calls to fix phone lines that are down. I don’t feel like doing much except sit here and think about you and drink coffee!

It’s quiet and peaceful now, so I can write you and think of you without being disturbed. I’ve got a small radio playing softy…listening to music and news.

They’re saying Bush is sending Powell and Cheney over here to inspect the situation. They want to check out things before the ground assault starts. The ground war will probably be pretty hairy, and we will be taking part in it. I’m kind of nervous about that, but whatever happens I think I’ll handle it OK!

The powers that be went ahead and sent the WMs out here yesterday. My platoon got three of them. We had to swap three male Marines to get them too! They sent the males back to the rear area. The guys we sent back were pretty pissed off. They feel they’re being traded just so some left-wing women’s libber can make a political point…and they’re right. It is political. The decision was not made by the military. It was made due to political pressure back home. It’s a very sore point with all of us. Hopefully the women won’t be going with us when we start the push north.

We haven’t received any mail for three days now. It’s really beginning to piss us off! They say that there’s mail here, it’s just that it’s not getting picked up. Somebody made a rule that only the Sergeant Major could pick up mail. A Sergeant Major’s job is to look after the troops’ welfare…that’s really all he has to do. He ain’t doing it very good.

I shaved my moustache off a few days ago. I was tired of chow getting into it and messing up my pretty face! It was getting very bushy too, and I didn’t feel like trimming it, so I lopped it off!

Personal hygiene in luxurious accommodations

In an Arab newspaper we get they printed the pictures of five Marines killed in the fighting at Khafji and other recent clashes. Most of them were Lance Corporals, and they were all from 19 to 22 years old. The pictures and their ages really struck me. They were so young! Their faces were the same faces I’ve seen hundreds of times…young bucks so full of life…ready to take on the world…thinking they are invincible.

It seems like such a waste. I sometimes almost feel like crying, but I know I can’t. I think of their families and what they are going through. Their pain must be unbearable.

How’s your job going? I hope they are not working you too hard, and that you have some time for yourself. I wish you much success.

I know I’ve said it before babe, but I’m really missing you in the worst way. The day when we can be together cannot come too soon. What a wonderful and happy time that will be for us! We will never be separated again baby! I promise. We will grow old and wrinkled and senile together…every step of the way! You are the light at the end of my long tunnel!

Think I’ll go for now baby. Write soon. Know that I love you, need you, and want you forever!

Take care and good luck. I love you.


Semper Fidelis.


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