Sunday, June 14, 2009

War Letters: Part 9

January 21-22, 1991

In the middle of the desert near Kabrit, Saudi Arabia

Dear Mom and Dad:

Greetings from the war zone. How are you? I’m doing fine! We’re all doing fine…all safe and sound so far.

I really don’t have a whole lot to write about. I sent Lynda a long letter yesterday, and I have directed her to pass my letters on to everyone because I don’t have a bunch of time to write.

I really enjoyed your letters describing Indiana University basketball games.

The fishing boat idea sounds pretty good to me, but I don’t know if Lynda’s too keen on fishing. When I finally get home, I don’t think I’m gonna want to fish for a while.

The days here are pretty much run together. I have to check my watch to see what day it is. We really don’t get days off. When you’ve been in the field for 20 days and are living semi-animalistic, you really don’t care what day it is. I’ve had two showers since we’ve been in the field…my last one two days ago.

I only have 1-½ sets of desert cammies, and they don’t fit worth a damn! The medium top and bottom are way too big, and the small/short a bit too short in the arms.

I didn’t get a desert cammo helmet cover, so I made one out of tan cammo netting that’s designed to cover tents and vehicles! I’m running around looking like a Japanese Marine and yelling “Banzai!”

We’ve got plenty of rounds for our M-16s. We were also issued two M-60 machine guns, one anti-tank rocket, and rounds to go with all of them.

I don’t think these M-16s are going to do too well out here. They are not chambering the rounds correctly because of sand. We clean weapons two or three times daily, but we can’t use oil because sand sticks to it like glue. They say we can use graphite as a lube, but of course we ain’t got none! So…send me some if you can.

Also…send Oreos!

Other than shitty weapons and shitty chow, life’s not too bad out here, I guess.

We had three air raid warnings that were exciting but turned out to be nothing.

Every now and then, some idiot somewhere will “accidentally” discharge a round, and it makes life interesting. I’m still amazed at the ineptness of a few of the people around here. Too bad that these few people are the ones in charge!

One of the worst is our platoon commander. He’s a complete pogue! He’s always in his little tent with his electric heaters and telling people to get him chow or an extension cord or something that’ll make his fat ass more comfortable! He’s a real puke!

Thanks a whole helluva lot for the care package! I got it today. What the hell’s the deal with the flea powder? You are some funny people! Everybody had a good laugh when I showed them the powder and the greeting card.

It rained again today, but my gear is dry and so am I. Sgt. Stratton and I built a makeshift hooch for ourselves, and it keeps the rain and wind off us pretty well. It’s been fairly cool…almost cold, the last few nights.

Last night we were advised that “possible aggressors” were within six or seven miles of our position. This happened at about 2 or 3am. It turned out to be nothing, but I slept with one eye open and my boots on the entire night. They just keep reminding us that this is a war and not an exercise.

I wrote Lynda and told her that when this thing is all over that I’ll probably be hanging up the old Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. I just feel that it’s time to get on with my life with her and avoid as many interruptions as possible. Also, I feel as if I’ll have done my duty…all that could be asked of me…once this is over.

We’re listening to Randy Travis right now on a tape player. We got a bunch of those Bob and Tom “Good Morning Saudi Arabia” tapes, and I listened to that also. We sent Bob and Tom a thank you picture with all our names on it. It’s weird listening to the Bob and Tom tape and realizing that back home all people are worried about is how bad the traffic is on 56th Street!

Show this letter to Lynda if you want to. She’s heard a lot of this already, but she’d like to see it anyway I’m sure.

I miss all of you guys a lot! Hope to see you soon, but probably won’t.

Take care.

Love and Semper Fi!


P.S. – Slap some freakin’ war protesters for us!

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