Saturday, June 20, 2009

War Letters: Part 20

March 3, 1991

Somewhere outside Kuwait City, Kuwait

Dear Lynda:

Greetings from Kuwait once again.

This may be the last letter I write from here. I expect we’ll be heading south in a few days.

I got the radio and the chips today! Thanks a lot, babe!

I did something today that made this whole trip worthwhile. Cowan, Brown, and I commandeered a Hummer and went cruising around. We stopped first at an abandoned Iraqi barracks site. I stood guard as they rat-fucked the area to look for war trophies. They found the usual trash…grenades, mortar rounds, and gas masks, but nothing cool like rifles or pistols.

I can honestly say now that I have fired my rifle at an Iraqi target. I pulled up and took careful aim and fired. Bam! One round, dead center…a perfect shot. I blew that freakin’ Iraqi outhouse away! Am I BAD or what? I’m an outhouse killer and a heart-breaker! They wanna mess with me? I don’t think so!

We vacated the area soon after that and headed for parts unknown. I had no idea where we were going. (I was in the back of the canvas enclosed Hummer, and couldn’t see shit!)

Against orders and without permission, we went into and toured Kuwait City! I think we were the first in our unit to enter the city.

On the way there, the “interstate” was littered with blown up Iraqi tanks and trucks. There was a lot of civilian traffic also, with long lines at the one and only gas station we saw.

I’ve never seen people so happy. They were dancing in the streets, banging drums, and honking horns!

We talked to some of the people. They said, “Thanks,” and, “Congratulations,” and, “Keep up the good work!”

(Newsweek photo)

They asked us if we were British. When we told them we were US Marines, they were all excited and happy.

Kuwait City is very beautiful and modern, but it’s suffering some scars of war.

There are many huge mosques with gold and copper clad domes on top. There are all kinds of big spires and towers and “space needle” type structures all over, but the people were the best part. They were so thrilled and happy that their country was liberated. It made me feel good. The women were saying, “We love you,” and blowing us kisses! The little kids were smiling and running around and having a good old time also. It was cool to see them.

Now I know how our soldiers felt when Paris was liberated in WW2!

I saw a Hardee’s in the city. Of course, it was closed. I could really go for a bacon cheeseburger too!

Rumor Control has it that we reservists already have a flight chartered for 12 March!

Well…sure we do! I ain’t bitchin,’ but I’ll believe it when it happens. It’d be great though, wouldn’t it baby?

If it’s true, I’ll beat this letter to the states!

I think I’ll go now, babe. Pass this letter on. I’m sure my dad will enjoy it!

I love you lots.

See you very soon!

Love and Semper Fi!


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