Saturday, May 29, 2010

Part 15- My Humongous Astronomical 2010 Indy 500 Blog Mess: Random Photos And Short Commentary

I have been busy lately drinking a lot of beer and socializing with real and cool Indy 500 fans I am happy to call my friends.

Even though I'm kinda TIRED now, I'll be doing more of the same tonight, which is the annual "Night Before The Race Tomfoolery and Vomit Festival."

In the meantime, I thought I'd post up some random photos I've taken the last few days and let those of you who can't be here get a feeling for what's been going on.

This is a set of tools sitting in an ashtray on the rear element of Sebastian Saavedra's racing machine. Apparently, a small toolkit is all that's required to properly service an IndyCar.

This is Tony George looking wistfully and regretfully at a Brickyard 400 promotional poster on the side of what was once his Pagoda. He had a knock-down, drag-out brawl with his mom and his sisters, and he got fired at IMS from all his duties there. Now, all he does is kinda mope around in the background and try to get along as best he can. Poor guy.

Here is a dramatic photo of Townsend Bell putting on his helmet and "getting ready to go to work." That's what Dave Calabro always says about drivers suiting up to go on track. Dave gets overly dramatic sometimes, and tries too hard to be cute on the public address system. That's what I think.

This is a slut on a side pod. The side pod belongs to Graham Rahal. I bet Graham would like to hug those curves. Or something...

Here we see Tomas Scheckter "getting ready for war." It's not really war-like to drive a real and shiny and fast IndyCar, but I bet Dave Calabro would say something goofy like that if he was clever and a wordsmith like me.

This is the crack safety crew standing by for heinous racing incidents committed by malingering drivers who no longer care about taking a proper and prudent line around my race track.

This is Dave The King Wilson interviewing Will Power and Ryan Briscoe...evil associates of the Penske Organization. Dave was lucky he got outta there without getting his throat cut. Penske associates are known for their skulduggery. Maybe.

This is an incident of dangerous horseplay committed by rookie Penske associates who obviously didn't read the handbook thoroughly. It's a good thing I'm cool and didn't tell Roger about this, or these cats would be toast.

This is the kinda awesome thing one sees at Indy on Georgetown Road.

Young, surly, disgruntled youth of today behaving immaturely in the Vigoda Plaza.

The Delta Schlong futuristic racer thingy. I will hang myself from a shower rod if I have to see 33 of these monstrosities orbiting the world's greatest racing facility.

I saw this hanging from the bumper of an old Ford van. I bet the owner lives down by the river and kidnaps folks.

A jaw-dropping depiction of IndyCar machines lined up menacingly.

A drunk and disorderly and real Indy racing fan sitting outside in the Africa-Hot blazing inferno of the Tower Terrace seats. Photo was taken by a soft and delicate and ersatz Indy 500 corporate type who was sitting in air conditioned comfort in the suites while getting fanned by well-oiled and cut and swollen eunuchs. Pretty much.

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