Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden Is Dead: We Got Him


Good riddance motherfucker.   

Hope you enjoy the unquenchable fires of hell.

That said, I’m not gonna go out into the streets chanting, “USA USA USA!” 

Fuck that.  It’s not my style.

Let’s move on to the next terrorist scum target.

“We” didn’t get anybody. 

Most of us “we’s” were sitting our collective somewhat fat asses on the couch eating Cheese Nips and watching TV when it all went down.

Navy SEALs got Bin Laden, and it pleases me to no end the way in which the SEALs dispatched the bastard.

No laser guided bombs from 50,000 feet. 

No Predator drones.


It was up close and personal most likely.

A bullet to Bin Laden’s brain-pan delivered by a US sailor. 


Before he drew his final bit of oxygen, Bin Laden probably was able to look into the determined eyes of that US sailor.

Maybe Bin Laden could even smell the coffee and stale tobacco smoke on that sailor’s breath.


Perhaps the sailor even said a few smart-assed words to Bin Laden before he delivered the coup de grace.

Pure poetry.

They say Bin Laden’s carcass was brought back to the US Navy ship, and his ID was confirmed through DNA testing.

Then, Bin Laden’s room temperature corpse was reportedly given a respectful burial at sea according to Islamic traditions.

I don’t believe a word of this, but that’s just me.

I bet Bin Laden’s body is now in a freezer deep underground somewhere in Virginia…wearing lipstick and a lamp shade.

That’s what I think.


  1. shot that motherfucker above the left eye socket and took his brains for a walk.

    fuck yeah bitches.

  2. Dude, you have been through a shit of a year. I don't blame you for your murderlizin' instincts, an applaud your recent purchases, and KY compound. I personally am digging out my parents crawlspace and creating an armoury and larder. Next move is to put in a geo-thermal heating system so I don't have to burn so much wood.

    BTW, love the "we got him" post, and have forwarded it, and stolen some parts particulary "smelled the stale coffee and tobacco" line; that was beautiful. I wouldn't dream of stealing the "lipstick and lampshade" portion, that is the kind of prose that I could never duplicate, and my friends know it. However, it is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read.

    Bump day, I'll be at the track, if I see ya, I'll buy you a beer, maybe, I will try to avoid Grover this year. Dunno if I'm gonna make pole day (first potention miss for 26 years, daughter has a gymnastics thing that day, her first), but won't miss the whole weekend.

    Fire 'em up!

    No need to post this comment, more of a personal e-mail is what this is....


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