Sunday, May 8, 2011

Part 3- My 2011 Indy 500 Blog Mess: Politics And Indy

cartoon by Gary Varvel

Well…lookie here…Donald Trump got his ass fired for driving the pace car!

Serves him right, the big dope.

The Donald said he had a scheduling issue and couldn’t do the pace car gig.

Yeah.  Right.

The fact that the Indy 500 faithful of all political persuasions were up in arms about your stupid ass defiling our sacred race had nothing to do with it.

The Donald is all about himself and about how much face time he can get and how much he can control shit.

Lord knows I’m no fan of President Obama, but Trump’s birth certificate witch-hunt was an infantile and ridiculous waste of time and a distraction.

Hell…even noted Canadian from Canadia, Paul Tracy, said it would be improper for a hack semi-political figure like Trump to drive the pace car at Indy.

This is one more reason why Paul Tracy is sorta cool.

We should make Tracy and honorary American.

Or something.


The Donald should forget all about running for president and go get the Freedom Tower built.

That’s what I think.

Anyhoo…it has been decided that AJ Foyt will drive the pace car this year.

This is prudent and proper.

Even though AJ is kinda old, he’s a tough bastard, and as long as he doesn’t have a thrombo, I think he is up to the task of pacing 33 of the fastest and finest drivers in the world.

AJ Foyt will probably have to go through a rigorous astronaut-like physical exam before he assumes his pace car driving duties on race day.

I’d hate to be the doctor who is tasked with that procedure.

In other news, seems as if there is some bitching going on about the new racing unit which will show up for next year’s racing season.

Spreading this hate and discontent is none other than Roger Penske, apparently.

I’m not real sure what Penske’s major malfunction is, but, whatever it is, it probably has something to do with HIS bottom line and what is best for HIM.

Screw the series, the rules, and the fans. 

Penske wants the power and the control, and he is spreading the hate and discontent to the other teams.

Roger and Donald Trump are a lot alike if you really stop to think about it.

The last time the open-wheeled racing team owners got all uppity, things didn’t turn out so swimmingly.

Maybe…just this once…Roger should just shut the fuck up and go along with the plan.

Hey Roger…I don't work for you anymore.  I'm a free man and I can say whatever I want.

Go manage your truck fleet.   

Buy some Freightliners.  Paint ‘em that gawd-awful yellow, and quit fucking with my racing.




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